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60 Day Sale Guarantee

Your Home SOLD in 60 Days (or Less) GUARANTEED, 
or We Will Pay You Up to $1,000!

The single biggest issue on most home sellers’ minds is how to achieve the highest sale price possible in the least amount of time. And yet most homeowners feel disadvantaged and ill-equipped to achieve this goal, and many do not know who they can trust to get at least 100% of Market Value either.  Pricing a home is an imperfect science to begin with, and market factors can cause large swings… so can the skill of the person responsible for your negotiations.  If you make a mistake, it will cost you $$$$s.

“…you need to be aware of agents who set the list price on homes at unrealistically high levels simply to get listings…”

However, marketing and negotiating effectively to get 100% or MORE of Market Value in less than 2 months can be achieved. In fact, we consistently help our sellers get the most money for their homes, oftentimes setting the high price comparable for the neighborhood, using a proven system that puts you in control as the home seller because we WE GUARANTEE OUR RESULTS in writing at the listing!

To find out if your home qualifies for this special program, enter your contact information on the right side of this web page and we will call you right back with the details.  

This is a FREE, no-obligation service.